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Our Mission


To ensure that each and every student, from white belt to black belt, is given the opportunity to fully realize their potential within Martial Arts.

To ensure that the tenets of Martial Arts are not only taught, but are also maintained and displayed. We will hold the traits of Truth, Honor, and Righteousness as our strength and fuel for our courage.

To ensure that after each class the student will leave the Academy knowing they had a good workout, and leave with a feeling of accomplishment.

To ensure that no one is ever taught in an abrasive or abusive manner. We teach in the manner that we would want to be taught, with respect and dignity.

To ensure that everyone develops the traits of leadership and self confidence. Within each student is a black belt. Within each black belt is a student. Leadership skills are to be taught and molded with a positive manner.

To recognize that we follow the traits of Truth, Honor, and Righteousness outside the Academy, making it a way of life.


Our philosophy is to teach a complete Martial Art system that not only works in the Academy, but in real life situations as well. Our curriculum is a combination of technique training and sparring. It's very important that students not only learn how to properly execute techniques, but learn to also use them in real world situations. Our sparring program allows the students to learn combative strategies while maintaining a high level of safety. No single Martial Art has all the right techniques. We've taken the very best of each Martial Art form and combined them into a comprehensive system that fits the needs of modern-day practitioners. Within each class, we teach physical discipline, mental discipline, learning to understand others, learning how to listen, and learning to understand ourselves. These traits are developed slowly but surely through guidance, positive reinforcement, leadership opportunities, and example.

The technical aspect of our curriculum teaches patience and understanding within one's self. It also makes the body healthy, strong, and gives the mind life knowledge, so new understandings can be grasped. When a person learns and understands what true Martial Arts are, they will know that it is a tool and a guide on which a person can base their life.


We teach all aspects of our art in a positive, goal-achieving manner. We are never abrasive, or disrespectful with one another. Respect between everyone is evident in all that we do. We all know that learning is enhanced when it is done in a positive manner. Negative actions only bring about negative results. For this reason you will never see disrespectful actions within our Academy.

We teach our students that real fighting is wrong. If you fight, no matter what the reason, you have just lowered your standard below that of an animal. Animals fight because it is in their instincts and they don't have the ability to reason. Humans can reason, so there is never an excuse for fighting. Once a person knows they cannot avoid a fight they are taught to end the confrontation as quickly as possible.


We feel that we are successful because we have been blessed with students who treat their association and academy as an extension of their family. All instructors take the time to give each and everyone the attention and training they deserve. We all show genuine respect to every one. Once this happens, the student develops their respect along with their martial art skills. These immeasurable traits will flourish. Then, when the student is at the stage where they can start their own academy, they will be able to impart a true martial art to their students. They will teach the traits of truth, honor, and righteousness. They will be able to have the cohesiveness of family, and impart the trait of respect.


Self-Discipline. Learning how to meet and exceed goals. Learning how to take control of our bodies and lives.

Fitness and Conditioning. Very few people just stay in shape, a properly administered Martial Arts program will get anyone into shape, increasing flexibility and aerobic capacity. Building strength and endurance. All that is needed is the desire to learn.

Self-Confidence. This is learned once again by setting and meeting goals. We learn that the word "can't" just does not exist. Everything is possible.

Higher Self Esteem. By learning that goals can be met and exceed a person develops a new sense of self. They learn that no matter what they are confronted with, all obstacles can be defeated. They learn that they can feel good about themselves and their actions.

Self-Defense. Self-defense is a very important part of martial arts. A person learns how to defend himself or herself through training in Martial arts by using the body as a defensive weapon.


We invite you to come in and try out our classes. If you have already trained in martial arts and want to continue and expand your education, come by and check out our classes. If you are a black belt and want to continue your education, ask about our special Black Belt rate. We are a family oriented Academy where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, honor and truth. If you are a family or someone looking to learn and grow through Martial Arts, please check us out! We are the chosen Academy by Northside Independent School District to teach Self-Defense and Introduction to Tae Kwon Do. If you want to just see what's going on, pop by when you have a chance! You won't regret it.

Master Dan Cavazos


Black Belt, 6th Dan

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